Giropès's commitment to the quality of processes and products is total, because we have advanced quality procedures applied throughout the entire manufacturing process as well as certification at national and international level.

Giropès SL is accredited with the ISO9001 quality standard. Its quality system audited by a notified body, lets use the CE standard on products.


Basic CE Verifications

Giropès is accredited by the Department of Industry of the Generalitat de Catalunya as a body authorized to issue CE Certificates. To do this, Giropès configures and carries out data collection readings at different points within a range of work, using standard measures.


Periodic CE Verifications

Giropès manages periodic checks of equipment and their corresponding certificates.





Under current legislation, instruments, apparatus, media and systems of measurement can only be manufactured, imported, sold or used after passing the qualification of corresponding metrological control.

Giropès has a test facility for conducting the metrological control of measuring instruments.



The Laboratory Verification of Measuring Instruments of Giropès is authorized by the Department of Industry of the Generalitat as Official Head of Verification to carry out the execution of metrological control in the stages of verification after repair or modification and verification. Once Giropès metrological control has been completed, a certificate will be issued which certifies that the instrument has passed metrological control checks, referring to the time and conditions under which the tests and measurements were conducted, according to test protocol. This certificate is valid for two years from the date of issuance, the new owner must apply for retesting before the deadline.



Giropès offers its customers calibrations for all types of weighing instruments for both legal and commercial use as well as tools integrated in production and logistics processes.

For calibrations Giropès issues and manages two types of certificates:



Giropès manages the conducting of ISO and ENAC type calibrations and issues calibration certificates that contain all the information reflected in tests (Linearity, Repeatability, Eccentricity, Uncertainty...) further indicating the patterns used for the realisation of testing and traceability.

Quality systems (ISO 9001, GLP good laboratory practice or in testing laboratories according to EN 45001) set a requirement for the control of tests for measuring instruments of a company, including balances and scales, which should be checked periodically . The Giropès laboratory performs calibrations and issues certificates that confirm the status of instruments for both internal and external audits performed on quality systems or process controls.





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