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Giropes goes one step further in local sport


Giropès is once again implicated in local sport and signs a collaboration agreement with a martial arts practitioner: Nabil Zerrad, 16 years old and currently a brown belt who exercises in the Jan-Su club in Figueres.

Taekwondo is a new sport from an Olympic perspective (was recognized in 2000); and now it’s being promoted through the "Detection of talents" program, where Nabil participates since two years ago. His sporting career has just begun: last September he won his category in the IV International Open De La Vendimia, in Logroño. This weekend he will participate in the II International Open Don Quixote, in Ciudad Real.

His purposes are great: in February 2019 Nabil will be examined to reach the highest level of instruction and wear the black belt.

We will follow Nabil’s progress!

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